Coming into Fashion

Last week The Edinburgh City Art Centre launched its newest exhibition, Coming into Fashion, showcasing a century of fashion photography from publishing giant Condé Nast. Much of the photography had graced the pages of the likes of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and had been taken by some of the world’s most renowned photographers. This is exactly my cup of tea, and I had been itching to go ever since it opened! Yesterday, I managed to get the troops rounded up, and we all popped down for a morning of culture.

The exhibition features the work of over 80 notable, and might I add, extremely talented fashion photographers, including Edward Steichen, Norman Parkinson and Albert Watson. There were some really fantastic photographs; it was really interesting to see how fashion photography has changed over the last century.

This one was by far my favourite. You certainly know your beautiful when you still look breathtaking dressed as a man!

It is well worth a visit, and at only £5, you can’t really go wrong!

After we left the exhibition it was still a little too early for lunch, so we passed the time by taking a stroll up Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. The sun was shining, showing Edinburgh off at its absolute best! 

We took a wander round St Giles Cathedral and were all blown away. Though I have lived in Edinburgh my entire life, I have to admit that I don't think I have ever been inside St Giles. I have definitely taken for granted what a beautiful city I live in, and it was so nice to stop for a second and appreciate what Edinburgh has to offer. 

Feeling like tourists, it was only right to pay the castle a little visit. We posed for a classic old sightseer’s photo, and then took some time admiring the castle in all its glory. We all agreed that we are so lucky to have such an incredible attraction in the middle of our city, and it is not difficult to understand why people flock to Edinburgh from all over the world!

This little guy messed with our minds!

Then it was lunch time. After umming and ahhing about what to have and where to go, we all decided that we would just wander and see what we found. We strolled down to the Grass market, an area of Edinburgh packed with little pubs and restaurants, so unsurprisingly we stumbled upon a winner pretty quickly! A little pub serving up stonking great platters of pub grub! Just what the doctor ordered!

We ordered a huge big platter of nachos, but these weren't any nachos. These were haggis nachos! The best combination that has probably ever graced the earth. They were loaded with topping and were absolutely to die for. When they were out down on the table we all pounced on them like vultures! To any onlookers it must have seemed like we hadn’t eaten in a week! If we could have licked the plate, we would have!

Feeling fully charged, it was time to go our separate ways. We all vowed to dedicate more time to exploring our incredible city, so there are plenty more Edinburgh adventures to come.

And finally, it’s the Little Things in Life, like taking a minute to appreciate the beautiful city you live in.

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