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You can't beat a big, fat, juicy burger. It's my ultimate naughty indulgence, and when I have one I need it to be mouth-wateringly incredible. I've been meaning to get my chops around a Byron burger for god knows how long now, so when I was down in London last week I made sure to fit in a trip. If you read my post on The real Burger King you'll know exactly how I like them. I can be quite the critic, but this burger joint undoubtedly takes the prize for producing the best burger I have ever eaten in my life! Not too shabby. 

Byron Burger is a chain with around 50 restaurants all over England. I normally try to avoid chains as I find them too standard and usually a bit safe with their menus, but this is a chain that I have fallen in love with. There concept is simple; to serve up the best burger in town, and boy do they do that. Every burger is cooked medium unless stated otherwise, locking juiciness, flavour and wow factor into every single beast they churn out. 

Now I have a sneaky little confession... One trip to Byron wasn't enough for me... It wasn't my fault I swear, but 2 different groups of friends meant that I ended up making 2 separate trips in the same week....So naughty but at the end of the day, all it means is that I can offer you a much better review...

As a Byron virgin, I copied my friends order the first time round and went for the Byron burger, a handsome chap covered in cheese, bacon and Byron sauce. This can only describe as a much superior version of Big Mac sauce. Yum with a capital Y.

With just one bite I was in burger heaven. It just melted in my mouth. It was soft, juicy, and packed with flavour not to mention surprisingly light! It didn't feel like a big stodgy burger at all, and it didn't seem to sit in my stomach like an unwelcome guest either.

I left a fully fledged Byron fan. The tiniest thought of it sent my cravings into overdrive, so when I met up with a group of university friends later in the week, I couldn't hide my happiness when Byron was suggested as our dining spot. 

I was keen to not be a boring little order repeater so I decided to mix things up and branch out. This time I went for the Big B burger. Just take a minute to take a good look at him in all his glory.

Two burger patties towered high with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, Byron Sauce and extra bacon; what more could a girl ask for? After ordering it I got a little bit worried I'd gone overboard on the meat front and made the wrong choice. The Byron burger had been so good the other day, and 2 other people at the table had ordered it... There's nothing worse than sitting there with food envy!

However, the little guy arrived and my god I was happy. A double burger can so often be too meaty and not too mention impossible to eat! What a different story it was with this one. It was the Byron burger but better! Juicy, packed with flavour, amazing, incredible, out of this world... Need I say more? I could get my chops around it without having to go in with a knife and fork, and every bite just seemed to be better than the last.

We also ordered a bunch of sides to share.  

Skinny fries

Skin on chips

Mac n cheese
Courgette Fries

Courgette fries are something that I have never tried before let alone seen on another menu so they were a great surprise to me. They were absolutely scrumptious! Also I guess you could try and convince yourself that there a healthier option to chips...

I managed to squeeze the last bite of my burger in but we weren't so successful with the sides. There was a fair amount leftover, but at the end of the day it's always nice to have a bit of variety.

I don't know how I'm going to be able to order a burger in a restaurant again after experiencing these bad boys, so if you get the chance to pay Byron a visit then my goodness take it! You won't be disappointed and you'll be left yearning for more for years to come.

Byron Burgers can be found all over England but the majority of their restaurants are in London. Check out their website to find your nearest slice of heaven at

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