Feeling Twenty Two

Birthdays for me are for spending time with all the people who mean the most to you, and last night that was exactly what I did. In the words of Taylor Swift, I’m feeeeeling twenty twooooo, but I’m not too sure how I feel about it at all. The big birthdays of 18 and 21 have been and gone, and I cant help but find it daunting that the next 'big birthday' is the mighty 30th... However, after sharing this sentiment with my dad, he came up with some wise wise words. You may be older than you’ve ever been before, but you’re also younger than you’ll ever be again. I liked this a lot. Well done Dad!
Dad, Catherine and I started the evening in The Dome, which in my opinion is Edinburgh’s nicest bar. It’s perfect for a special occasion, with its grand entrance, beautiful architecture and stunning interior. It really is one of Edinburghs treasures.

At Christmas time they pop the most beautiful tree on top of the bar and wrap the pillars outside in Christmas cheer. However, obviously it’s not Christmas, and thankfully there wasn’t a tree in sight. Instead they had the most incredible lilies on each side of the bar, and after asking the waitress about them, I couldn't believe that they weren’t real!

You may have noticed a difference in my photos. The birthday elf was very nice to me this year! Say hello to my new baby!
We then headed for dinner at The Honours which is Martin Wisharts latest venture. His restaurant in Leith gave Edinburgh its first Michelin star, and since then his collection of eateries have gone from strength to strength. The Honours really is something special and I would definitely recommend it. The staff are lovely, the interior is chic and the food is to die for!
The interior was not at all what I had expected. From outside I had always thought it looked pretty dark, but it was full of light and very welcoming.  

I went for the duck and pork rillettes to start. I would describe this dish as a sort of Pate. Very, very yummy pate! Nothing but full marks for this creation.
For the main course I went for the Veal Sweetbreads. They were tender, juicy and cooked to utter perfection. The sauce was delicious, and it was certainly something I would have again. I ordered a cheeky side of fries as well. After all, it was my birthday, and you’re allowed to be a bit naughty.

My sister went for the Scallop and truffle tagliatelle. I had a taste and thought it was heavenly but very rich. She shared this opinion, and though it was scrumptious, she found that it became quite sickly.
Too full for dessert, we just sat and enjoyed the rest of our wine. The waitress had obviously over heard us chatting and picked up that it was my birthday. Big brownie points for her. A bowl of homemade toffees arrived with Happy Birthday written on the plate. They didnt last long.
Feeling fully satisfied, it was time to continue the celebrations with three of my best friends at Tiger Lily. Meet Bex, Emilie and Frankie: my soul sisters, sisters from other misters, partners in crime! Arent they just gorgeoooous!
Dad seemed to be enjoying himself!
A cute wee family snap minus the little brother (who isnt so little at all)! He's currently sunning himself in Cyprus with a group of friends, so his absence was allowed. 

There was plenty of bubbly,laughing and sillyness, and after a few drinks my sister had to shoot off back to Glasgow. 

My dad decided it was time for him to call it a day as well. Judging by this picture I think he made the right decision...Still just a big kid at heart.
For us four the night was still young, so we stayed on chatting, reminiscing and gossiping about everything and anything.

 The beautiful little Rebecca.
Time flies when your having fun, and it wasnt until we realised we were the only people left that we decided to call it a night. We all hopped into a cab and carried on giggling the whole way home. The perfect end to a perfect birthday.

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