Twenty One...with a years experience

You know your getting old when you start coming out with all of your fathers classic catchphrases. My Dad has been claiming he's 21 with experience for as long as I can remember, and now it seems as though i have reached that stage as well. God help me. It is certainly true though that you can never have too much experience or too many memories,  so last night it was time to make some more. For me no birthday is complete without some serious dancing, so yesterday evening all of the girls got together for round 2 of birthday celebrations.

Being the 'hostess with the mostess' is completely my thing, and I always jump at any opportunity to get my hosting shoes on. I love getting everything together, from canapes to cocktails, and its always fun to try out new recipes and experiment with different concoctions. I spent the vast majoirty of Thursday evening and Friday prepping. I put together a hearty spread, and with every single scrap demolished, I think I can decipher that my efforts were a success.
I love making cupcakes so this was a great excuse to get my bake on. After all, what's a birthday party without cake!? I went in search of a new topping to mix things up from my usual Oreo and chocolate numbers. (But ofcourse I had too make a few of them too.)
Whenever i am looking for a little inspiration i head straight for Pinterest.  This little gem can only be described as a goldmine of ideas. When I first discovered Pinterest I just couldnt believe I hadn't found it sooner! It has everything on it that you could ever be looking for, and after searching 'cupcake', a little popcorn number appeared, and just like that, I had my new topping.

I had raided the likes of Primark and Pound Land during the week in search of cheap and cheerful party pieces, of which there were plenty! I always think its best to go cheap when buying this type of thing, as at the end of the day what is the point in splashing out on bits and pieces that are most likely going to end up in the bin.
Primark had the best array of silly glasses, so i scooped up as many as my little hands could carry! Plenty of hilarity and mischief was had with these bad boys!

The evening was meant to be a strict boy free zone filled with dancing and girly chit chat. It was all going swimmingly until these gate crashers turned up... My younger brother and his partners in crime.

Seeing as Owen had missed out on the celebrations earlier in the week they were granted as an exception to the rule and were allowed to stay and mingle.
Ofcourse, no birthday is complete until there is a little bit of bubbly involved.

After plenty of laughing, chatting and a collection of photographs that could rival Kate Moss, it was time to hit the town. As we were leaving there was the most beautiful sunset filling the sky. The perfect 'Little Thing'! It was the perfect touch to the most fabulous evening, and I couldnt have wished for anything more. 
Heres to many more years of being 21 with experience!

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