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The best sushi I have ever eaten was in New York, and since then I have never found anything that has lived up to this standard...until now. Sushiya is somewhere I have been meaning to visit for ages. It is my sisters favourite restaurant in Edinburgh, and after visiting tonight I can now say it is mine too. Before going i ploughed through review after review after review, all of which arrived at the same conclusion. That sushiya really do serve up the best sushi that Edinburgh has to offer. This little gem even held its own against the likes of the Michelin starred Castle Terrace restaurant, making the cut as one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh according to The Guardians Johnathon Jones. 

My sister Catherine is a complete and utter sushi junky; she can’t get enough of the stuff. While I love sushi too, I could never compete with this fishy connoisseur. Seeing as this was Caths playground, I let her make the decisions. We decided to share everything, always the best way to do things. We started off with the Rainbow roll, a little salmon, tuna and avocado creation topped with a little mayo and a dollop of fish eggs. Yum yum yum!
Ofcourse, whats sushi without soy sauce. I loved that it came in this little pot, and that spicy mixture went down a treat as well.
The Dragon Roll was my favourite, filled with tempura prawn and topped with avocado. It was so soft, juicy and utterly moreish! I could have easily eaten plates and plates of these bad boys.
It required serious concentration.
I loved that this little prawn tail was left sticking out the end. Such a fabulous touch. Seeing as it was my first time I was allowed to call dibs on this cheeky piece.

I feel that so many people say 'I hate sushi' before they have even tried the real deal. Supermarket sushi and Yo sushi do not count. These are fast food, processed bad boys; the mcdonalds of the sushi world if you like. If you fall into this category of sushi eaters, be adventurous and get yourself some proper sushi. Sushiya sushi to be precise! You wont be let down. 

We ordered some little smoked salmon and avocado maki as well. (You maki me hungry) These little bitesized guys were truly scrumptious, and the perfect extra to fill that final hole.
The smoked salmon and avocado hand roll was really just for Catherine, but is'nt it just so pretty.
We demolished the lot and were left craving more. We did however both agree though that its so nice to leave a restaurant not feeling stuffed! One of my most hated feelings. We left feeling satisfied, and brimming with excitement to come back. Full marks and nothing but a fab review for you Sushiya!
It’s a small wee place with only seven tables, so if you’re planning a visit it’s a good idea to book. You would struggle to walk in and get a table on any day of the week, so make sure you aren’t left disappointed. 

You'll find this little gem at 19 Dalry Road, Edinburgh. Go on you know you want to...and don't forgot to let me know what you think! 

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