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For me, the perfect Sunday always involves a good brunch. You can never go wrong with a lazy start to your day followed by an almighty feast of breakfast and lunch. However, as a die hard brunch lover it pains me to admit that I have always thought that Edinburgh lacks top notch brunch spots. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of places that do it, but nowhere that really breaks boundaries and brings home the bacon...(I couldn’t resist)

I have decided to take on the mission of finding the best brunch that Edinburgh has to offer, so this morning we headed to Toast in Marchmont to put their brunching skills to the test. It's hugely popular, and at the weekend you can forget strolling in and getting seated straight away. You gotta be prepared to queue.  
It's pretty small, but as its always packed its got a great cosy atmosphere and a real buzz about it.
I went for an americano while i pondered over the menu. For me there's no way to drink coffee other than black and only black. None of that sugar nonsense! I must say that Toast served up a good coffee. It was seriously strong, and just what i needed to get my day started. 

Their menu is pretty good to be fair to them. It has plenty of your standard things on it but a good few game changers in there as well. You'll probably have gathered by now that I love to share so we obviously decided to go half and half. My choice was the croissant filled with black pudding, goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes and rocket. This was one of the more adventurous options on the menu, and it was definitely a great choice! It was seriously good.  

We also went down the mainstream route and opted for pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. I must say that we were a little disappointed with these. As you can see from the picture you get a pretty measly little portion with only 2 rashers of bacon, and that's not too mention the lack of maple syrup. When I think of pancakes i think of nothing but a big stack of american style pancakes and enough maple syrup to sink a battle ship. Obviously that wasn’t what they were going for, but for me this just wasn’t cutting it.  

However having said this, it was great to start with something savory and finish with something sweet. Moreover, they certainly tasted good. The only problem was just that they were a little underwhelming. 

Toast is certainly a good little brunch spot, but for now I don't think it will be taking the gong. I would definitely recommend it, and i will most certainly be going back. After all, you cant make such a big decision without giving somewhere a second chance hey...? ;)

If you fancy a slice of Toast then you will find this little spot at 146 Marchmont Road.

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