The last supper

My time in France seemed to be over in a flash. Blink, and you might of missed it. I was so sad to be leaving, but I always think that the best way to leave a holiday is with desire to stay, not the feeling of being ready to go home. We spent the last day soaking up the sun on the beach before heading back to the house for my last French feast. Every meal I ate while I was away was delicious, and this night was certainly no different. Em's cousin Maylis and her parents arrived, and with them they brought extremely good dinner at that!
 A family reunited
A hearty spread was laid out, and it didn't take long before it had completely dissapeared! We started off with Pate and Cornichons, something I ate plenty of last week!
Then it was time to get fired up and stick some meat on the barby. After all what's more French than a juicy, pink steak!?
Its no secret that the French like their steak blue, and although I wouldn't say it was quite like that, it was super pink, packed with flavour and absolutely delicious!
There was plenty to munch on alongside this.
Grilled Aubergines
Roasted bell peppers
Tomato salad
Ofcourse in classic French style, the meal was followed by cheese. It was so moreish! Perfectly ripe, gooey and strong in flavour; exactly how I like it.
All of Ems friends then arrived for 'un soiree mojito', a mojito party in other words. Ems brother makes the most amazing mojitos so he got behind the bar and worked his magic.
It was the perfect ending to the most fantastic holiday. I couldnt have had a better time and I can't believe I've been missing out all this years! I cant wait to go back to Vendee, but in the meantime Em is off to Paris in September to do a masters so I know there will be plenty of new French adventures to come first...Just Watch this space.

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