Hi there! Welcome to Little Things!

Well here you have it. I have finally taken the plunge and started my very first Blog! Blogging is an idea that I have mulled over in my head countless times, but I am rather sheepish to admit that I have always lacked the confidence to do it! I worried what people would think, what they would say, and above all who would read it! 

However, after stumbling upon another lifestyle blog by chance one day, I was completely inspired. The passion that oozed from this blog was difficult to ignore, and it gave me the nudge i needed to take the plunge into the blogosphere! Writing was something I adored whilst I was at school, however over the years I seemed to have lost touch as university, growing up and a host of other things all seemed to take centre stage. Blogging to me is a path back to writing, and above all the opportunity to write about all the things that I love. 

I guess the only last thing to address is why Little Things? Well the short story is that, ‘It's the little things in life...’ has long been one of my favourite sayings. Whether it be a beautiful sunset, breakfast in bed, a smile from a stranger, finishing a great book or laughing so hard it hurts, I believe that every single day we experience ‘the little things in life’. Therefore, my aim for this blog is to try and include these ‘little things’ in as many posts as possible, as ultimately it really is ‘the little things in life that make life big!’ 

So on that note...

It’s the little things in life, like ‘getting back into something you love!’


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