Give it up for the Girls!

Yeserday news hit the headlines that Nicola Mendelsohn had been appointed as Facebooks Vice President of Europe. Her successor, Joanna Shields left in January to lead the government’s investment group for technology startups, The Tech City Investment Organisation.

Becoming Facebooks Vice President of Europe will see Mendelsohn take responsibility for growing Facebooks advertising revenue, as well as improving Facebooks relationships with brands across the world.

I absolutely loved hearing this news as I think it is hugely inspiring to see women in top positions within business. Moreover, Nicola Mendelsohn is married with four children. She is proving that women can have a family and go on to achieve just as high a level of success as men within their careers. Now I am no feminist, but I think it’s great to see these women leading the way for females in the business world. So that is exactly why I think that we should give it up for the girls!

So for today, Its the Little Things in life, like finding something that makes you feel inspired!

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