Shellac Shenanigans

Beauty treatments are one of my ultimate guilty pleasures! From spray tans to nails, I love a sneaky trip down to the beauticians. Don’t worry though; I certainly do not take after the cast of The Only way is Essex. Orange tan and gigantic talon nails are not my cup of tea!! A sun kissed glow or shellac manicure is what I go for instead! I love to look polished, neat and tidy, and these treatments definitely help me to achieve this!

This morning when I woke up I saw the sun streaming down, and it just made me fancy a little bit of me time. I decided to use it as the perfect excuse to creep down to my beauticians for a cheeky wee Shellac manicure. Having my nails done is one of my all time favourite beauty treatments, and I always use any excuse I can to justify having them done.

Shellac is the nail treatment taking the world by storm! It is very similar to having a normal manicure. It is painted straight onto your own nails, but instead of chipping the minute you leave the salon, it remains chip free for the best part of two weeks! It really is amazing! 

 Today I decided to go for a deep red, otherwise known as ‘decadence’ within the shellac world. It leaves a super shiny finish and strengthens your nails hugely! It really is a fantastic treatment and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone! If I could scream it from the rooftops for all to hear, trust me I would!

If you’re from Edinburgh then I would definitely recommend a trip to the Beauty Pod within Ishi Hairdressers in Marchmont. Mairi, who is the beautician there, does this treatment for just £10 when you book through! So get yourself booked in and enjoy having fab nails!

So today, It’s the little things in life, like treating yourself to some me time every once in a while.

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