Tan Tastic

If you’re anything like me, you will agree that life is just better with a tan. For me personally, having a tan makes me feel much better! Call me vain, but its true! However, living in the UK unfortunately does not provide me with much opportunity to ‘sun my buns’ as such. The odd few days of glorious sun we get a year are never enough to catch any sort of tan. Even when these days do crop up, the majority of us Brits get so overexcited that we throw ourselves down to sunbathe without applying even the slightest patch of sun cream. Let’s be honest, who are we kidding? With almost zero sun exposure throughout the year why would our skin be ready to face the sun?! Instead of turning that sun kissed brown colour, we head home burnt to a crisp and resembling something of a lobster.

Therefore in order to deal with this problem and resist the temptation of ‘sun worshipping’ when the sun finally does appear, I have learned to face the reality. If you want a tan, you gotta fake it! Faking it is the only completely safe way to get a tan after all, and when you’re already beautifully bronzed, the urge to sun worship is pretty much stamped out.

With so many fake tans on the market it’s difficult to choose, but these are two fake tans that I absolutely swear by. One for instant use and one for a longer-lasting tan.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer in either Medium or Light Matte is the perfect way to get an instant tan. However, unfortunately the catch is that it washes off with even the tiniest drip of water... So not really ideal if it is raining! That aside, it really does give a flawless tan. Apply it with a fake tan mitt for even coverage. You can buy it in any boots store for about £4.

If you’re after a more long lasting tan that is not going to streak at the first sign of water then go for St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse in Medium or Dark. Apply it the night before with a fake tan mitt and sleep in it. In the morning take a shower and you will be left looking beautifully bronzed and super natural for at least 3 days! This tan is on offer in Semi Chem at the moment for a bargain of £2.50! So if you love a bargain like me, make sure you stock up.

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