Banana Bread Bake Off

When I return from holiday I always look forward to being greeted by my own bed, my gorgeous little dog and all those little home comforts that I miss dearly. While all these things were waiting to welcome me as we stepped back into our home, there was also another thing waiting for us. A fridge and fruit bowl full of food that had certainly seen better times... As my brother flew out to meet us a few days later, he had been tasked with disposing of all potential moulding objects, which evidently he had failed to do. All of the unsightly produce was swiftly disposed of, but if there was a silver lining in this scenario it was that we were lift with 2 extremely ripe bananas. And what else do you do with ripe bananas? That's right, You make banana bread!

It's one of my favourite things and reminds me of when I was little. Of course my granny is never one to waste, and she always seemed to be throwing her leftover bananas into this tasty cake. It's pretty easy to make. Just follow this recipe and you should have yourself a loaf of bananany goodness in no time.

You will need... 

125g of butter

150g of caster sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 VERY ripe bananas

 190g of self raising flour

60ml of Milk

Start off by preheating your oven to 150 degrees if you’re using a fan oven, 170 for regular or gas mark 3. Then line a medium sized loaf tin with grease proof paper, grease it and set aside. Next it's time to rustle up some moist and scrumptious banana bread!

Weigh out your butter, sugar and vanilla extract into a bowl before popping it into a pan. Stick it on the stove and melt your ingredients together over a medium heat. Once melted, take it off and place it to one side for a wee second. 

It's then time to get mushy! Mash those bananas together good and proper!

Then add your melted mixture back into the bowl, and crack in your egg. Give it a good stir.

Now as you can see my mixture was looking a tad on the lumpy side due to my bananas. I personally hate chunky banana in my banana bread so I always give it a good whisk at this point to create a smooth mix. If you want to, whisk it up with an electric whisk just until the lumps come out. 

Sift in your flour and add the milk.

Go to town on the mixing until it’s nice and smooth. 

Now it's time to pour your mixture it into the baking tin you put together earlier. Blue Peter style.

Once it's cooked take your cake out of the oven and breathe in that heavenly smell! Remove from the tin and peel of the paper. Let it cool for a bit, but I would always say that this is best served warm!

I put some banana on top for decoration, but if you’re planning on hiding it in a tin for another time, I wouldn't do this. Keep it fresh. 

The cake went down a storm, and had been demolished by my dad and brother by the time I got back from work! All in all, a perfect success! 

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