The real Burger King

Summer means one thing: BBQ season. When the sun shines back home the shops sell out of sausages, the shorts get dug out of the attic, and that fantastic BBQ smell fills the air. A BBQ back in Scotland is pretty rare, and I guess that’s why I feel as if I’m in constant BBQ mode when on holiday. This week has been no different, and though we’ve obviously barbecued a few times already, we all felt that there was no better way to end our week than with another good old Barbie! 

Up until now we have tried to be a bit more adventurous and let our BBQ taste buds run free, steering clear of your standard BBQ cuisine. Lime and Coriander Prawns, honey and mustard chicken kebabs and matured steak had all been chucked on the BBQ instead of sausages and burgers, but tonight we gave in. Everyone felt like a wholesome, mouth-watering, juicy burger, and that was exactly what we had! More to point, they were absolutely delicious if I don't say so myself! Just take a look at that photo...Need I say more!?

To spice things up a bit they obviously had to be homemade, and i took on the role of burger chef. Every girls dream.. Homemade burgers are always ten times better than your standard shop bought burgers. You know whats going in them, and you can be sure to be able to cook them however you want! I hope its common knowledge that a frozen burger can never be cooked anything other than well done, but if your at all like me, you'll love your burger medium, juicy and packed with flavor! I am always overly cautious when it comes to shop bought burgers. You can just never be sure whether they've served time in the freezer or not, so i would always go for nothing short of well done just to be on the safe side. But when you've made them yourself, your in the driving seat, and the only thing i have to say is Think Pink. 

This recipe is so simple that a monkey could make them blindfolded, so next time you fire up your BBQ on a warm summers day, hustle them up yourself. Trust me, you wont regret it. I promise they will only take you 10 minutes tops!

To make 6 burgers you will need....

600g Beef Mince
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp Dijon Mustard
A good handful of coriander.
1/4-1/2 Onion (depending on preference)
1.5 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Start off by chopping your coriander up nice and small, followed by your onion. I personally hate big chunky pieces of onion in my burger, and that is why i choose to go for only a 1/4 of an onion when i make these. More to point, i always make sure that i chop it up as small as possible. 

After you've done your chopping, throw all of your ingredients into a bowl and prepare to get messy...

Im afraid the only way is to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Use your hands to combine all of the ingredients until you've formed one big ‘lump’, or the worlds biggest burger...

Then break apart the mixture to make roughly six burger patties. You can make more or less as you please. Some people prefer a thin burger whereas others would rather get there chops around a big chunky number. Just go with whatever your heart desires.

And there you have it. Its time to get that BBQ smoking hot and cook up a storm! For me a great burger is all about the extras so I always make sure you to add plenty of salad, pickles, mayo, and Ketchup. However, tonight we pledged to make burgers that broke the standard  burger rules. We threw in a fried egg, a good helping of cheese, fried onions and some homemade Perinaise. If you haven't had the pleasure of trying Perinaise, it is a combination of a spicy Portuguese sauce (Peri-Peri Sauce) and mayonnaise which is served  in the fast food restaurant of all fast food restaurants, Nandos. I’ll save that post for another time...

My brother tried to be civilised and go in with a knife and fork.

He soon realised there was only one way to tackle this one...

Admittedly there was a photo of me chowing down on my creation, but the general consensus was that its in the best interests of everyone that it isn't released for public viewing. Trust me.

We washed the burgers down with ice cold Coronas as the sun set over Kamares. Nothing short of the perfect end to a fabulous holiday. 

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